A service tailored especially for Medical and Healthcare organizations and professionals looking for quality, clear and effective content to:

  • Connect with patients and target audiences through relevant, digestible content
  • Effectively showcase professional skills, expertise and facilities
  • Improve search ranking and visibility through regular, strategic content flow and SEO
  • Boost audience engagement across channels for continued growth

Content matters

A wide range of Medical and Healthcare content solutions

  • Medical and Healthcare articles, blogs and social media posts

  • Feature sections showcasing your medical and healthcare facilities and areas of expertise

  • Existing web content and article editing, rewriting and optimization

  • Website content management, strategy, SEO and analytics

  • Marketing copy including print media, such as brochures and flyers

  • Medical Professional Bios

  • Press Releases

  • Form, questionnaire and survey design

  • Editing and proofing technical content or research write-up

The Organizations and Professionals this service is designed for

I specialize in creating quality custom web and offline content for Medical / Healthcare professionals, providers and organizations, including:

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Care centers, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics

  • Medical and healthcare professionals’ websites and platforms

  • Therapists and Medical Consultants

  • Pharma

  • Veterinarians and veterinary clinics

Content for the general public

The content I produce is designed to effectively convey your messages to (and help you connect with) the general public. The primary focus is on:

  • Showcasing the medical or healthcare facility, highlighting prominent features as well as practitioner expertise and capacities.

  • Facilitating audience engagement – insightful, relevant and digestible content aligned to answer patient and service user needs, interests, questions and concerns clearly and effectively.

Should Medical and Healthcare content be written by doctors?

Ideally yes.
However, while not all writers are doctors and not all doctors are writers, the general public are all patients and healthcare end-users.

The public, including existing and prospective patients, relies on availability of information and relevant content that answers their concerns, needs and questions. The gap between the public and medical and healthcare providers must be effectively bridged in order to benefit both. This requires effective writing and communication skills but also insight into and understanding of the Medical and Healthcare field.

I am an experienced writer, researcher, marketing and communications professional with a pronounced interest in the Medical and Healthcare field and demonstrable skill for transforming patient-relevant medical and healthcare information and concepts into clear and effective content.

What about technical medical content and research write-up?

The service excludes independently writing technical content aimed at Medical & Healthcare peers, which should always be produced by Medical & Healthcare professionals themselves.

However, your authored technical pieces and research write-up can be submitted for proofing and editing as far as grammar, syntax and flow is concerned.

Non-laboratory, population research and record-based study design and analysis assistance is available upon request.

How involved should you be in the content creation process?

This is largely up to you.

I offer a customized, flexible service with a simple workflow structure. The process is designed to require a minimum of your time, leaving you with quality work and steady content flow, while aligning carefully to your vision, aims and preferred communication style.

I welcome a collaborative approach to help achieve the best results for your website and practice. However, if or when you are short of time, you may opt to simply suggest topics or ideas you have in mind that you would like explored and written. Alternatively or in addition, you are welcome to review suggestions I share based on topic and audience research I conduct for you. Any combination is acceptable, always depending on your preferences, needs and schedule.

Integrity is key

Please note that all original content provided to a medical website is thoroughly researched and vetted but must be expressly approved by a qualified medical professional prior to publishing. This process is streamlined to require only a short review session at your convenience.

Requesting a work sample

You can apply here to receive a sample of prior work and/or a complimentary sample assignment on a topic of your choice.


All requests including submissions for review, editing and proofing are treated as strictly confidential.

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